Split Point Lighthouse

Memorial Arch

Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary

Cape Otway Lightstation

Wreck Beach

The Gibson Steps

The Twelve Apostles

The Razorback

Tom and Eva

Loch Ard Gorge

The Blowhole

Port Campbell

The Arch

London Bridge

The Grotto

The Bay of Islands

Stevensons Falls

Beauchamp Falls

Hopetoun Falls

Triplet Falls

Each location listed on this website has a few items listed up front. The following is a set of guidelines on how to interpret them.

Star Rating

Each location has been assigned a star rating on a scale from 0 to 5. This is purely subjective and based on my opinion alone. The higher the star rating, the better that I rate the location worth visiting from the perspective of a photographer. You may not agree with my rating, and it is merely provided as an indication for visitors to make a judgement call on what they would choose to plan to fit in during a day of touring.

Vehicular Access

This covers how motorised vehicles may access the site. Motorised access to locations in the region vary from being sealed highways to gravel road. Where possible, I have tried to provide as much detail to the best of my knowledge on how one may be able to drive to each location.

Pedestrian Access

As this area is mostly made of natural features, access to each is typically completed on foot. Some locations require one to hike down steep trails and stair cases which are not suitable for individuals with restricted mobility, or for young children. Once again, I have tried to provide the best information that I have, based on my previous visit to the region.

Fitness levels required

Not all areas are suitable for all individuals, and sometimes, one needs to make a decision on whether a trek up or down a path is right for them or not. Unfortunately, this is one item that one learns only after making the trip. I’ve attempted to provide some insight into how fit one needs to be to undertake each visit to each location.

Walk Difficulty

I’ve attempted to rank the walk to each location as easy (mostly flat or downhill, and well paved), medium (some upward gradient, mostly paved, and requiring some physical exertion over a short period of time (20 minutes or under), and hard (steep upward gradients, mostly unpaved walks, and routes requiring prolonged physical exertion of over 20 minutes).

Amount of time required at the site

While planning a trip, there are two resources that primarily limit all individuals – money (which can be overcome), and time (which cannot). I’ve attempted to provide an indication on how much time one should plan for each location. Again, this is purely subjective, and is from the perspective of a photography enthusiast.

Price of Admission

While most locations in the area are free to the visiting public some areas do require a fee. I have tried to indicate this to the best of my knowledge, and provide links to where one would find the most current information.

Access hours

Most locations are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week (though visiting them after dark without proper planning is not recommended). Other locations close their gates at a certain time. I have attempted to provide that information here.

Notes of caution

The environmental conditions in this region constantly change, and to the uninitiated and inexperienced, there may be things that one might not have considered taking precautions on before heading out on a trip to any of the sites here. This section is to call out anything specific that you should be wary of when in the area. They include the hazardous conditions at specific times, the presence of dangerous wildlife, and the presence (or lack thereof) of mobile phone reception in the area.


These are little lessons learned from previous visits to this area that are offered as a suggestion to visitors considering the specific location. They may range from suggestions of using hiking poles and torches, to not venturing down into an area alone.