Port Campbell

Port Campbell is where most visitors to Great Ocean Road stay at for the night. This little town is well connected to Melbourne via both the Great Ocean Road (about a five hour drive), and the inland road (about a two and a half hour drive). The town offers a range of different places to stay, several establishments to eat at, a grocery store, post office and service station.

Port Campbell’s economy is heavily influenced by tourism. Tour operators here offer cruises around the Apostles, diving tours, and helicopter rides above the Apostles.

Like most regional Victorian towns, shops close here at 6p.m., and most eating establishments close by 10p.m. The local service station is open late.

Along the highway, while heading towards the Arch, London Arch, the Grotto, and the Bay of Islands, there is a little car park with a deck that offers a scenic view of this idyllic coastal town which is definitely worth pulling over for a few minutes.

Best times to visit

The viewing deck is open all year round. This is a spot that is shielded from the weather. The best time to photograph Port Campbell is at sunrise.

As a town, Port Campbell is open for business all year round. The best time to visit this area is in the fall and early winter.


Check the weather and the tides, and allow yourself some extra time in case you get caught in a passing shower (most of which last about 15 to 30 minutes).

Gear Required

With the viewing deck being mostly shielded, there is little effect of sea spray in this location. Tripods, though not essential, are nice to have. A wide-angle lens will serve you best at this location.

The wooden deck can become slippery when wet. Always dress in layers. The weather and temperature here constantly changes, and its very easy to suffer from exposure to the elements. In the summer, it is imperative that you have sunscreen on you. As this is an easily accessible spot from the car park, most comfortable footwear is suitable to access this spot.

Vehicular Access: Highway access. The viewing deck is off the highway.
Pedestrian Access: Several hiking trails lead to the viewing deck. A well worn path leads from the parking lot to the viewing deck.
Fitness levels required: Suitable for any reasonably fit individual. Suitable for individuals with mobility restrictions. 
Walk Difficulty:
 Very easy
Amount of time required at the site: About 10 minutes.
Price of Admission: Free
Access hours: 24 hours a day
Notes of caution: The viewing decks are slippery when wet. There are snakes in the area. Proceed with caution. Stay on the marked paths only.
Recommendations: This is a spot that is easy to miss, so keep your eyes out for it.