Memorial Arch

The Memorial Arch is a marker to announce to travelers that they have begun traveling down Great Ocean Road. It was built as a tribute to the soldiers from the First World War who were engaged in the construction of the Great Ocean Road. It a great photographic opportunity for travelers embarking on a trip making their way to Lorne.

On the side of the road, by the the arch, there also stands a sculpture commemorating the returned servicemen. It was commissioned and placed during the 75th anniversary of the road celebrations.

Best times to visit

This is a quick stop that most people make during the day all year round. While I have never tried it myself, there is low light pollution in the area, and I suspect will make an interesting subject when shot before sunrise in long exposure.


There is ample parking near the site, and easy pedestrian access. Comfortable walking shoes, sandals and running shoes are suitable to wear while visiting this location.

Gear Required

The most appropriate lenses to shoot this area with would have focal lengths in the 24mm to 135mm range. Most shots can be made hand-held without the aid of a tripod. (This does not apply to long exposure shots and time-lapse photography which requires one to keep their cameras steady). If you would like to blur out the many people who are likely to be here at the same time, consider using a neutral density filter.

The weather and temperature here constantly changes, but you will be close to your vehicle and ought to be able to take shelter fairly quickly.

Vehicular Access: Parking lot on the side of the highway.
Pedestrian Access: Easy pedestrian access from the car park to the arch.
Fitness levels required: Suitable for any reasonably fit individual. Wheelchair accessible and suitable for individuals with mobility restrictions.
Walk Difficulty:
Amount of time required at the site: Between 10 and 20 minutes.
Price of Admission: Free.
Access hours: 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Notes of caution: Watch for entering and departing traffic in the car park.
Recommendations: This makes a great introduction image for a photo book or blog.