Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls is about 15km from Lavers Hill, and lies a further 2km from Otway Fly. Access to the falls is through a well marked trail that runs in a circuit. When entering the trail, you have the option to either go left, or right. The right fork will take you there more directly. The trail makes its way through heavy vegetation, and has moderately steep inclines, but does require some degree of prolonged exertion, especially on the way back up.

The falls are best seen from a steel viewing platform. They are somewhat difficult to get to, given that there is a step chasm between the trail and the falls themselves, in which a lot of the native vegetation has continued to grow. I am personally not a huge fan of these falls as they’re not easy to get close to without putting oneself in a bit of peril by stepping off the marked path.

Best times to visit

Waterfalls are at there best in the winters after a rainstorm or passing shower. In the summers, the area typically offers a cool relief to visitors, but the flow can be considerably weaker and somewhat of a disappointment. For the purpose of photography, overcast days offer the best conditions. Consider visiting this spot either early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. When the sun is overhead, harsh shadows can ruin a good photographic opportunity.


Allow for at least two hours of daylight to take this location in without having to rush. The approach to the falls is down an inclined walking trail of boarded and steel steps which leads to a viewing deck. One can get closer to the falls making their way down to the bottom of the falls and walking along the stream. The approach is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced, and should never be attempted alone. I have not felt comfortable doing this trail myself, and do not recommend that anyone who is not reasonably sure-fotted undertake this. When visiting this location, I recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots for a visit here. Under no circumstances should one wear open-toed shoes or sandals.

Gear Required

While the falls generate a fair bit of spray, there is little chance that your camera lenses will be affected directly, though you might get dripped on from any rainwater clinging onto leaves of the trees above you on a wet day. I highly recommend the use of a tripod here. You will need to zoom in to get a good view of the falls from the viewing deck. Consider using lenses of focal lengths between 50mm and 135mm. In order to capture the smooth flow of the water, I recommend using a neutral density filter.

If you’re planning on coming here at the end of the day, be sure to carry a flashlight or headlamp with you.

On an overcast day, when there are passing showers in the area, carry an umbrella or raincoat with you, as getting back to your vehicle quickly will not be an option. Consider carrying or using some insect repellent in the summer.

Vehicular Access: Unsealed road access to the parking lot.
Pedestrian Access: Unpaved path, decked walk ways and decked stair cases leading to a steel viewing deck.
Fitness levels required: Suitable for any reasonably fit individual. Not suitable for individuals with mobility restrictions.
Walk Difficulty:
Amount of time required at the site: About 2 hours.
Price of Admission: Free
Access hours: 24 hours a day
Notes of caution: In the interest of personal safety, this is a location that I recommend visiting with at least one other companion. Mobile phones do not work in this area. Consider carrying walkie-talkies to stay in touch with each other.
Recommendations: The parking lot opens up in a rest area with tables. Carry some food with you to eat either before, or after the shoot. On a hot day, carry some drinking water with you. The use of hiking poles is highly recommended.
There are toilets in the area.