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The purpose of this site

Time is the only resource that is constantly diminishing in your balance.

As an individual, the one thing that I value more than anything else is time. No amount of money will ever buy you some more.

I have spent time over seven years touring the Great Ocean Road, spending hours looking for specific locations which are off the beaten track, and not quite as well signposted as I would have liked. This website is a personal project through which I attempt to share my knowledge of the area with other visitors who are new to the area to save them some of that very precious resource that we are constantly spending more of and are left with less every moment.

This site is a personal project of Debashis Talukdar.

Debashis Talukdar is an IT professional, photography enthusiast and naturalised Australian citizen who has regularly been visiting Great Ocean Road since he moved to Australia in 2007. Being severely time poor, he values time above all other things in life. One day in June 2013, while having a chat with a fellow Melbourne photography enthusiast who was planning a trip to this area, it dawned upon him that the questions that he was being asked were the same questions that all new visitors to Great Ocean Road asked, and the same ones that he had answered after discovering after investing a lot of time over a lot of trips to this area.

From 2007 through to 2013, Debashis had built up a list of locations along Great Ocean Road which he had stored away, along with a large collection of photographs. It was then that the concept manifested  into this website.

You can read more about Debashis here and can view more of his photography here.

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This content in this website is intended to serve as a guide and quick reference to answer the most regularly asked questions about locations in this area. Unless otherwise stated, all content – text, graphic, and multimedia – are copyright Debashis Talukdar.

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Accuracy of information

While every effort has been made to ensure that accuracy of the information contained in the pages on this site, it is as current as the time of the article having been written (or updated). The most current information can be found with Tourism Victoria and Parks Victoria. We urge you to double check with the official organisations before undertaking any trips in this area that may take you into unfamiliar territory.